Tuesday, June 25, 2013

I lost my mojo

I haven't written a decent blog post in months. To be honest, my blogging energy got drained out of me by that post about our MMR scare. After that post, I didn't know how to reboot and be chirpy-cheery again.

Little Moon is okay, thank God! No sign of regression so far, and it's been 5 months. I chatted with my Tita one time, and I was convinced that we did a good thing by getting the vaccine. The result of what could happen without the MMR is much scarier. As they say, the benefits outweigh the risks. So we have proceeded with the recommended vaccination schedule.

I want my blogging mojo back. There are tons to write about. I want to start blogging again.

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  1. Hi there.
    I just came across your MMR scare post.....my daughter just had her MMR and has had loose yellow bowel movements as well. I am just wondering how long it took for your daughters bowels to get back to normal? I of course know that all babies are individuals......but I like you, am concerned! She has had different stool for 3 weeks now. Thanks in advance.


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