Sunday, January 15, 2012

Ally's First Christmas!

Our three-month-old's social life was buzzin' over the holidays! We were expected at all family gatherings, so planning our schedule was a bit stressful. But no complaints here, Christmas season is my favorite time of the year!

We spent Christmas eve with my mom's side of the family, Christmas day with Marco's side, the day after Christmas with my Dad's side, New Year's eve with Marco's family again, and New Year's day with my mom's sister's inlaws. Plus all those other parties in between: my dad's aunt's birthday, my grandparent's anniversary, and a Bon voyage party. Complicated? Very! Hihi. We're lucky Ally is an angel to travel with! She's a trooper!

Here is a wonderful video of Ally's first Christmas, from my creative cousin Kat!
A wonderful souvenir. Thanks Kat!

I'm excited for next Christmas! It's only 11 months away! :p

Hello 2012!

I know I said I would post my birth story here. Unfortunately, the details are still foggy. Note to would-be moms: if you have the energy, write about your birthing experience while the memory is still fresh. You don't have to blog about it - jot it down in your journal, or type it away on your phone - whatever works for you. It'll make for an interesting read when your child is all grown up.

I didn't have the energy to write about my story even weeks after giving birth. I was rushed back to the hospital a few days after I was discharged, due to postpartum hemorrhage. It took me weeks to fully recover. But I don't feel like writing about it here yet. Because there are other, more upbeat things to write about, and I don't know where to start!

Who has the time to write when you're breastfeeding a newborn every hour (yes, she's ravenous!) and dealing with aches and pains. Now that I am fully recovered, and Ally only nurses every couple of hours (I know, still too often!), i finally have time to write. Problem is, i can't remember a thing! I wish there really was a Pensieve!

I am apologizing in advance: from here on out, please excuse this Obliviated blogger if events are not blogged about chronologically.

2011 was a great year! I hope 2012 brings even greater blessings!