sac·cha·rineadjective \ˈsa-k(ə-)rən, -kə-ˌrēn, -kə-ˌrīn\

1. overly sweet, like sugar;
2. overly sentimental

This blog started out as a mommy blog, with the simple intention of sharing my baby Ally's milestones with family and friends. It used to be called Bead Baby - a nickname given by friends to Beadlady's new baby. I couldn't come up with a clever title when I started this blog.

After giving up my craft to become a full-time mommy, I found myself craving for an outlet for all the pent-up creative energy. I discovered I enjoyed blogging, and I wanted to write about my interests as a new mom.

Saccharine is a blog about life's sweetest pleasures: becoming a mother, enjoying the home, and the sweet little nothings of everyday life.


In an effort to present fun, fresh, and original content, I decided to start writing columns for this blog. It's no longer just a hodgepodge of posts now! There are two weekly columns, and a few non-regular ones. Click on the images below to browse by topic.

Weekly columns
Eye Candy Mondays are all about my pretty finds - stores, packaging, interiors, etc. I want to send you off into a brand new week with a sugar rush!

Scrumptious Saturdays are all about yummy food!

Other columns

iMom features applications for the iPhone or iPad, and other techie discoveries that make mom's day to day a bit more fun and a whole lot easier.

Au Lait are stories about our breastfeeding adventure. "Au lait" means with milk!

Retail Therapy are posts about bazaars, sales, and shopping.



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