Tuesday, October 9, 2012

The perks of having a baby girl

I loved playing dress up when I was a kid. I also loved paper dolls and would even design, draw, and cut out new dresses for them. I owned Barbies, and would create tiny frocks out of my mom's leftover fabric.

So you can just imagine how much I enjoy having a daughter. It's like having a real walking and talking doll! It's such a joy making her wear the cutest outfits.

Almost everyone we know also seem to enjoy dressing her up - most of the gifts we receive are clothes!

Though I loved dolls and dresses, I only developed a bit of fashion sense in my 20's. But Ally, at the young age of one, is showing interest in all things stylish. It could be my imagination, but I can feel she has an eye for this stuff!

She used to hate wearing shoes when she was an infant, taking them off at every opportunity. Then when she started teething, she started to think shoes were a tasty alternative to teethers!

But at 10 months, she surprised me when she grabbed a sandal and tried to put it on. Ever since then, when she sees her sandals or shoes, she'll gesture for them, and will try to put them on. And just the other day, she learned to say "shoes"!

I found out she likes pettiskirts. When she saw me browsing through recent photos of her wearing a purple tutu, she looked down at what she was wearing (a tank top and a diaper) and patted at her sides, looking for the skirt. Now every time I bring out her skirts, she willingly steps into them like a little lady!

Photos of Ally by Kat Wycoco

I'll find out about the downsides of having a daughter sooner or later. But for now let me enjoy dressing up my real life baby doll.


  1. There do seem to be a lot more cute outfits for baby girls than for baby boys out there. I compensate by dressing my wee man in dapper outfits like braces/suspenders, waistcoat and a trenchcoat - before he gets old enough too complain :-) Your wee girl is super cute by the way! Best wishes, Jenni (from BYW)

  2. I totally want a baby girl just so (okay not just so) I can dress her up in the cutest outfits that I see out there. My husband tries to tell me that a baby girl isn't an accessory, but I think that they are. Your daughter is a total cutie!!

    Stopping by from BYW

  3. @Jenni, sounds like your little man is a well-dressed tot! :)

    @Annetta, that is so funny!

    thanks for dropping by!


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