Tuesday, October 9, 2012

No Barbies yet please!

We were at Toy Kingdom last week, spending the gift card Ally received for her birthday.

Now Ally has recently discovered Barbie, having seen her 4-year old cousin's dolls one time we visited. So when we were at the Barbie aisle in the toy store, she reached for a doll. She singled out the one with long, bright purple hair. Yes, they make Barbie hair in all sorts of ridiculous colors now.

Oh my gulay, she was very assertive with her choice! I was showing her dolls with more "conservative" hair color (aka blonde or brown). Go for the classics, baby. She dismissed them all with grunts and impatient gestures, stubbornly clutching her chosen doll in a death grip. She had eyes only for the purple-haired Barbie. She was giggling as she looked at the box - a reaction not even beloved Pooh received when we visited his aisle a few minutes earlier.

Her dad and I almost gave in. How can you resist the drool-slathered smile? How can you tell her that she is too young to have a Barbie, when she has clearly fallen in love?

You'd most definitely break her neck before you could learn to comb her hair, little lady. I told her Daddy as much.

We almost got hypnotized by her Puss-in-boots eyes. The Daddy especially. But we escaped the trance!

Bracing for a tantrum, we let her hold the box and made our way to the other aisles. We were trying to distract her by showing her more age-appropriate alternatives. Minutes later, bored with her purple-haired friend, she chucked the box to the floor. Ha, we won this round!

We went back to the Winnie the Pooh aisle where she fell in love with Piglet. Whew.

How long can we keep Barbie out of her toy cabinet, I wonder? Why are you growing up so fast, my little baby? What's next, nail polish when you're two?

Oh boy, we are in trouble. The Daddy especially! :p


  1. Hi, visiting from BYW class. Ah the whole Barbie situation. I know I had barbies by 5-ish. We didn't' think anything too crazy about it all back then. But now that I'm momming- I kind of have different feelings about Barbie and if we can keep them out of our house, I am totally good with that. Hooray for distrations.

  2. Aaaawww, the headband is so cute! When I started to play with Barbie, I convinced my grandma that I needed the exact same dress as her....hope your little girl will stick to Piglet a little bit longer :)

    Susanne (byw classmate)


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