Tuesday, October 16, 2012

What to wear for Halloween?

It's Ally's first Halloween. Technically, it's her second, but since she was still a newborn last year, we didn't get to experience it.

This year, I don't want to miss the hullabaloo. I can't pass up a chance to dress her up in a cute outfit. I don't know what costume to get though. Any suggestions? It has to be very comfy and it shouldn't require a hat or hair thingie. She doesn't like wearing headgear! I don't want her to be in full mascot attire - we live in a tropical country so it's going to be really warm in a full suit.

But look at these photos of her taken at a studio a few weeks before her birthday. I didn't plan the lion costume. But when I saw it at the studio, I decided to give it a shot and see if Ally would wear it. It was going to be perfect for her party invites. More on that in a future post.

I had concerns about the costume, so I checked if it was clean before I made her wear it. It was freshly laundered. I also made sure it wasn't scratchy - the inner lining was soft and silky smooth. The studio was air conditioned so I didn't have to worry about her getting uncomfortably warm.

Ta-da! My happy baby was such a good sport! I still can't believe she actually wore the lion costume! I was so happy she cooperated during the shoot, and was super surprised when she started mimicking me as I acted out how a lion would growl. That's what she's doing in the third photo below! (Now she "growls" like that every time she sees these photos of her or any lion photo. Kagigil!)

It took all of 5 minutes. I am amazed that the photographer got these shots (and more) in such a short time. And even more amazed that Ally was such a ham! I didn't expect her to last that long. As expected, she started tugging on the headgear a couple of minutes into the shoot. The photog wanted to take more photos, but I didn't want Ally to be in that suit too long, so I asked her to stop shooting. And just in time too, because Ally started to cry. She hated the headgear. As soon as I got it off her, she was a happy baby again, even with the suit still on.

So I don't recommend costumes like these for toddlers if they're going out Trick or Treating. A quick photo shoot in a studio with A/C is fine. But I can't imagine making babies wear this in Manila weather for more than 5 minutes - even in a mall!

What will your kids wear this Halloween? What's your favorite costume of theirs? Please share by commenting!


  1. Like your baby, this is also the first halloween of my baby. We haven't decided yet on what Trick or Treat event to go to...

    As for the costume,maybe a Tinkerbell dress, but I'll see about that.

    Your baby's cute! we haven't experienced going to a studio, cos hubby's a photography enthusiast. =)

  2. Adorable! Jacob has a costume made of similar material. Pumpkin suit naman. Kaso he'll get so sweaty if he wears it outside while Trick or Treating. So we'll probably get a cute outfit from Mothercare. I'm eyeing their bumble bee suit!

  3. aw that is just so cute! i remember how my eldest used to wear costumes like that. growing up, she learned to love princess outfits. this coming trick or treat she chose to be a vampire na! bilis nila lumaki :D

  4. My 5 year-old kid was supposed to come as Toshio (The Grudge) to the school Halloween Party this morning. Too bad, his temper got in the way, and no Toshio arrived there. LOL! Anyways this weekend he has more parties to attend to and he'll be dressing up as an Iraqui soldier and a zombie ☺

  5. Very nice. Halloween isn't a big occasion here. So we haven't really given it much thought, but if it was, we would surely dress them up as cute as this one.


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