Tuesday, June 25, 2013

Happy shabby chic pendants

I got to play with my polymer clay over the summer. Oh how I missed my clay!

But the super quick time I spent at my crafting table made me realize I'm never gonna be able to get back to work anytime soon. And I don't think I want to anymore! When I was preggy, I imagined doing little projects whenever Little Moon was asleep. Who was I kidding! Raise your hand if you'd rather conk out beside your little one than get back to work! Diba? Haha! I am super duper thankful to my husband for being such a responsible breadwinner. I am able to stay home and care for our baby and not worry about having to get back to work!

Mini Mood Board Pendants

So anyway, this latest collection is called Inchie Winchies. They are so me. The colors, the details. I wanted them to look like mini collages of ribbon, lace, and strips of paper. But they're all made of clay. I was inspired by the lacy details on my daughter's clothes, my fabric stash, and by the mini mood board notebooks created by Holly Becker of Decor8, my blogging mentor. Thank you teacher Holly, for the inspiration!

These pendants look so happy and cheerful, don't you think? I'm happy with how they turned out - all the details are handmade, no molds were used! The colors were custom-blended by me too. I imagine wearing them on a thin chain, with a simple sunny dress. Or they could brighten up a plain t-shirt.

Mini Mood Board Pendants

These inchie winchies are available on Luna Lollipop on Facebook. Luna Lollipop deserves a separate post, and I'll blog about it once the official website is up. For now, I hope you enjoy these photos.  Follow me on Flickr to see more.

Mini Mood Board Pendants


  1. Oh, these turned out so lovely. Love the lace pattern on the polymer clay ♥

  2. Wow I never thought that lace would perfectly go with clay. You've got very creative hands that I wasn't blessed with! :)

    1. Thank you Moomy Musings! I bet you can learn polymer clay art too if you give it a shot. :)


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