Saturday, December 8, 2012

A Christmas cottage

My sweet husband got me the rest of those yummy Christmas ornaments today! We found the shop the lady at the bazaar told me about. It was a little cottage tucked away in the Padre Pio Church parking lot! Such a charming, cheery cottage. I was bubbling with Christmas cheer, like a kid in a candy store!

There was a tree filled with these vintage looking ornaments. I fell in love, and was about to put them in my basket, but found out they weren't for sale. Too bad! Just look at those circus Santas, and ladies eating chocolate! Oh my goodness! They were from a collection from past Christmases, and are now part of the shop owner's personal collection.

I got these adorable angels with peppermint candies and lollipops instead. Plus a few more cupcake Santas, a reindeer, a snowman, and Mr. Cupcake Elf! I almost missed the elf - he was the last one! Actually, most of what we bought were the last of their kind. So lucky!

There are a lot of other stuff worth considering, like this Nativity scene (Php 920), and festive words like the peace one below (Php 500).

Find these in the parking lot of St. Pio Church in Libis. The entrance is between Honda and Petron. There's a Php40 parking fee. You can probably park in Petron if you don't want to pay for parking. Haha.

I am so loving our tree! Thank you dear husband for the lovely trinkets! Looking at our tree makes me so happy!

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