Monday, November 19, 2012

Let's talk about Christmas trees

We don't have any Christmas decor put up yet. I'm kind of in a panic already. Aren't you supposed to do that right after Halloween and Undas? Para sulit? Hehe. Well, we haven't even bought any ornaments yet.

This is our first time as a little family of three (plus two fur babies) to decorate the house in holiday cheer. We're putting up a tree for little moon - she loves balls and sparkly things. Good luck to us, let's see how long we can keep the ornaments out of her reach!

So since this is our first time, I want to make sure the pieces we'll buy are for keeps. They'll be part of our family tradition, after all. Isn't that exciting - starting new traditions of your own? Sigh. Life is sweet!

I'm looking for Christmas tree ideas online before we buy stuff. Here are my favorite pegs.

1. I like this simple non-tree. Very resourceful.

2. I love the colors in these paper trees. These are so me! Follow the link for a DIY tutorial. Lovely! But I don't have time to pull this off. Plus paper isn't really practical for what I have in mind. These are really gorgeous though!

3. I think I really want a pink tree like this one! How pretty. But we already have a green one. Maybe next year? (Asa pa ako.)

4. This whimsical tree is wacky. Ally would love something like this. Just needs to be toned down a bit.

Wow, looks like I'm drawn to a specific color palette. I wonder how I'll translate this from inspiration board to real life. Knowing how these projects of mine go, I'll probably end up with something totally different from my pegs.

Are you done with your Christmas decor yet? Would love to see what your tree looks like!

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  1. We haven't put up Christmas decor too. My toddler will probably tear them down the moment she sees them. :D I like the first photo- the non-tree. I think it can double as an area where you can put up photos and figurines after the holidays.


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