Sunday, November 27, 2011


When I was 7 months pregnant with the beadbaby, the lovely girls of the Philippine Polymer Clay Guild threw me the cutest surprise baby shower ever!

On August 13, 2011, the sneaky girls of P3 gathered at Jennifer Cruz's place where we were supposedly scheduled to hold our clay date (a crafty peer tutorial of sorts).

But instead of an afternoon of crafting, I was in for an afternoon of crying. LOL!

I was so touched by the thoughtful and generous gesture, that when I saw the pink balloons, and more than my expected 6-7 claymates, I cried.  The wa-poise, cringe-worthy kind of cry.

I wouldn't have posted these embarrassing pics had I blogged about the party a few months ago. But now when I look at them, I am reminded of how much the whole party meant to me. :)  Thank you thank you P3!

Our surprise! pose

The party was built around - what else? - a cupcake theme!  Loved it!  It was perfect! Cupcakes everywhere! In the decorations (created by Ms. Bang of Andeverythingnice)...

On everyone's necks (everyone was wearing a cupcake except me, ironically!  Of all days not to wear a cupcake! Teehee)...

Mommy Jhoi and daughter Gian with their matching beaded cupcakes.

And the dessert...

There was yummy food catered by Jen's sister, special lechon Paksiw from Jhoi's mom, and Nathaniel's buco pandan from Ghie.

And there were fun games prepared by Ms. Bang, Achie Joyce, and Donna.  I sucked at all of them, except the Diaper Game - which I won!  I was an expert in smelling "dirty" diapers, thank you very much!  The fake poop were my favorites, so I was bound to win: Flat Tops, Hershey's syrup, coco jam, etc.  I won a cupcake stamp from Mel Felipe of Purplenook, woohoo!

Guess Who The Baby Is game  (That's me in the 2nd to the last photo, top row)

No wonder I didn't finish this game, I was busy looking at the camera, lol.
The Dede Race (they had to finish a bottle of orange juice): Marco lost pa, sus! Haha.

I loved sniffing diapers soiled with the yummiest stuff: Hershey's syrup, coffee, etc.

The baby shower doubled as the guild's second Meet and Greet, so we had fun meeting people we've only met online.  I met Paula and Penny for the first time.  And Penny's adorable baby Charley!

Meeting Charley!

The only guests who were not members of the guild were the baby daddy and my college ex-roomie Mykee.

Marco in pink!

Everyone had fun!

The crazy P3 family

Thank you so much my P3 family for a memorable afternoon.  I really can't thank you enough!

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  1. What a great baby shower! I loved the cupcake necklaces. So cute!


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