Monday, January 7, 2013

Hello 2013!

Hello blog, hello world! That long vacation felt great! I'm sad that it's over, and to tell you the truth, I'm having trouble snapping back to real life. The holidays were such a flurry of happiness, it's hard to get back to the program. What with everyone leaving after the holidays, and the sudden lull in daily activities. It's like the crash after the sugar rush.

So to cheer myself up, I'm looking forward to the year ahead! My plan for 2013 is to fill the days with lots of new experiences for our little family! We got to do a lot of firsts over the holidays, and it was so fun to see how Little Moon drank up all the sights and sounds of the world around her. I'll blog about our holiday getaways in the days to come!

Here's the beginnings of a bucket list. I haven't really thought of making one before, so I'm making this up as I go along. I will update when I think of something new! Some of the items are shallow and ditzy - don't judge me! Haha.

  1. Get a haircut. I've had long hair for too long. I actually checked this off already - I had my locks chopped off on January 3! Woot!
  2. Learn to apply eye makeup. Just because. I'm a late bloomer, and I just discovered the wonders of makeup last month. I am still clueless, but it would be great to finally be made up on special occasions!
  3. Read one book a week. It's sad that I haven't been reading as much as I want to ever since I became a mom - when I try to read at night, I fall asleep. I used to finish thick volumes in one sitting, forgoing sleep. This year I want to catch up on my reading! I don't know yet how I'll pull this off, but there's so much to read, one lifetime isn't enough!
  4. Go on another family trip with Little Moon and the daddy. Preferably somewhere cold again.
  5. Still thinking...
Cheers to a fruitful, meaningful 2013!


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