Monday, December 3, 2012

Our adorable ornaments


It's the first Monday of December! Eeek! So exciting, but nerve-wracking at the same time. It's almost Christmas! We're not done shopping for gifts yet. And we're still adding to our tree! Lookie, lookie...


I'm so happy with our new tree things - they're simply the cutest, most adorable ornaments ever! These are just perfect for me: sweet and whimsical and vintage-y. These are the kind of things I see us hanging on the tree year after year, the kind your kid can grow up with. Little moon loves them! And they even come with a fun little story.



Here's the story: I've been thinking about these baubles all year! I first found a cupcake ornament in the angel store in Megamall last year (you know the one near Cooks Exchange?). I didn't buy it back then because I thought Php150 was too mahal (around $4). But the whole year I regretted it - I couldn't stop thinking about it because it was so unique. Sana I bought it nalang! Fast forward to a year later. We were in Megmall again yesterday, and I realized that the store where I originally found the ornaments was gone already. A puzzle store replaced it - no Christmas things in sight. I mentioned this to Marco, and told him the story. I said, sayang, I should've bought it last year - come to think of it, Php150 isn't mahal pala considering it was an unusual piece, and you can't find it in department stores. Boohoo.

Then off we went to Alabang, to check out the annual St. James Bazaar. You know who I found waiting for me in one of the stalls? Mr. Cupcake Elf and his gang of equally cute angels and cupcake Santas! Oh my gosh, I was so happy! That's what I call serendipity! Don't you just love it when that happens?


I bought three ornaments, Php150 each. The stall is the exact same seller in Megamall! The lady at the stall told me where I can find them after the bazaar, but I'm not telling you because you might buy everything and there won't be any left for me! Haha!


I am so happy with my loot. The two angels and a cupcake Santa are the only things I got for myself at the fair. Hubby says maybe we can get a few more of these baubles. I hope so! Because I still didn't buy the cupcake elf. I know, I'm crazy.

So how's everyone's Christmas season so far?

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