Wednesday, December 19, 2012

A wedding by the sea

My college friend Kendal Candice married the love of her life at the Sofitel Philippine Plaza last Monday. The ceremony took place in a garden under the coconut trees, overlooking the sea. It was an afternoon bathed in sunlight, with a cool breeze blowing in our faces. They were blessed with such good weather!

Here I am with my date, waiting for the ceremony to start.

The moment I saw KC walking down the aisle, I burst into tears. I am such a crybaby. But I was relieved I wasn't the only guest weeping!

Isn't the bride gorgeous? And that dress! The crystals on the straps glittered like diamonds in the sun.

The couple's vows made me cry all over again. Beautiful, heartfelt words were exchanged. I was focusing on trying not to bawl like a baby, so no pictures of the couple under the wedding arch, sorry!

I did get this lovey shot as the newlyweds were welcomed by confetti after the recessional! Can you spot the crescent moon?

Cocktails were served before dinner. I was so jealous of Marco and his margarita - no alcohol for me because I'm still nursing little moon.

And here I am with college friend Thea - one of KC's flower girls! You read it right. Instead of assigning little girls, KC got her best buddies as her flower girls! What a crazy but fun idea! (Photo grabbed from Thea, shot by her hubby.)

The reception was held in the Davao Ballroom of Sofitel. The couple got Nyoy Volante to serenade the guests while we ate. The hubby and I didn't stay until the end though, because...

All this time, our trooper of a daughter was in the hotel with our household helper G. The event was an adult affair, so we couldn't bring Ally with us. We couldn't leave her at home either, because we didn't know how long we'd be away. I planned to leave her and G at Gymboree in the hotel, but surprise surprise! It was Gymboree's Christmas party so they were closed! Argh! I didn't know what to do, and was about to panic. Thank God for calm husbands!

We found out there was a playground just beside the garden. That's where Ally and G stayed during the ceremony, and you can bet the little one had fun! We could see her from afar, climbing up and down the steps of the playhouse. Here's a photo of the playground before the event started - that's our baby holding the pink and white balloons.

During cocktail hour, we snuck out to the car so I could nurse the little one. Sofitel doesn't have a nursing station. :(

After Ally had her fill, we whisked them away to Le Bar, one of the swanky hotel restaurants, just above the popular Spiral. I ordered fries and pumpkin soup for the little one, and prayed she'd be preoccupied enough so her daddy and I can proceed to the wedding reception.

Here we are sneaking back to the event. We got to the ballroom just in time - the reception hadn't started yet.

By 7:45pm, Ally had had enough of being away from me for too long, so she decided to cry her lungs out. Haha. Great timing, as we had already finished dinner when we got the text from G. Whew!

This is the first event we've attended without the little one clinging to us. I'm glad to say it was a success! Little moon was well-behaved the entire five hours, and only cried and asked for mommy when it was almost time to leave. Little trooper!

Oh, and this is the first time I've ever posted a photo of my outfit! I wore a pink and white maxi dress from Hip Culture, a beaded headband from SM Department Store, and faux pearls and rhinestones from Forever 21. And for the first time in a long time, I didn't wear flats! I wore these comfy wedges from Celine.

What a fun event! Thank you KC and Manny for having us!


  1. I got married earlier this year at Sonya's Garden in Tagaytay. I too used a friend as flower 'girl' :) and my husbands 18 year old daughter as ring bearer! The first night of our honeymoon was at the Sofitel and our prenup photos were held near there with Manila Bay as the backdrop :) The photos of your friends wedding are lovely!

    1. Oh how cute! Is that becoming a trend now? Hihi!

      Thanks for dropping by my blog!


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