Monday, October 29, 2012

Flowers and frisbee

Our Trick or Treat plans for the weekend got scrapped. When Ally got sick last week, I didn't get her a costume anymore. But I'm not the least bit disappointed because this weekend, instead of going to a Halloween party, we visited family instead.

On Saturday, we went to Ally's mamalola's garden supplies shop in Calamba, Laguna to visit her lola and cousins. Ally had a great time - she loves the outdoors. Too bad the cousins weren't there. So after slices of pizza and Coke in a small bahay kubo in the garden, we headed to San Pedro to see her cousins.

On Sunday, we visited my cousins to celebrate their lola's 75th birthday. Happy birthday Lola Zeny! There was so much food!

After stuffing ourselves till our tummies hurt, we played frisbee in the park. Yay, physical activity! I've been sedentary for so long, I can't remember when I last broke a sweat from real exercise. (Unfortunately, carrying my big baby around doesn't count as a workout.) I am so out of shape that throwing the disc a few times gave me sore muscles all over! What a loser! I need to start swimming again soon.

I don't have photos of the party, but here's what my stylish one year old wore:

Before heading home, I got her to wear her bunny ears and we got to collect donations for Unicef in her tiny orange Trick or Treat box. More about that in a future post.

And speaking of Halloween, I finally caught up with the new season of Walking Dead and Once Upon a Time. Do you watch those shows? I can't get over WD episode 2!

So that's what we did the past couple of days. Weekends should be longer! How did yours go?

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